Five tips for planning your wedding

I’m just going to say it – wedding planning can be hard, I can say this with confidence, as not only have I been through it myself, but as your friendly neighbourhood wedding photographer, I have watched so many couples plan their own wedding days.

It’s only right that I share what I’ve learned, right?!

Here are five tips to support you in planning a day that is authentically you as a couple! As a bonus, it will help the process be fun and enjoyable!

Five tips for planning your wedding:

1. Set your budget and stick to it.

I know this sounds boring, but it's so important. Setting your budget is one thing and sticking to is another. This may be the biggest challenge you face throughout the process of planning your wedding. From online and social media pressure to a lack of making intentional decisions, to failure to track and log every expense or making that spontaneous splurge, there are a number of potential mistakes that couples can make when it comes to their wedding spending.

I think it is important to note that planning your wedding is a continually evolving process. Your budget may influence your venue choice, which could influence your guest list (number) which then can flow onto the amount you pay for food and drinks, the amount left to spend on decor, flowers, and more. The best way to approach your wedding budget is to have a figure in mind that you want to spend (or can afford to spend), then do your due diligence and start the planning process before you get rock solid in writing down hard numbers. Because certain things like the venue you choose will impact the amount you need to spend in other areas.

2. Set your priorities

Setting your priorities sits right alongside your budget. Creating a foundation for your wedding planning that includes identifying your priorities, planning your vision and creating core values for your lives is key. Not only will this create a better day, but in the end it will also aid your decision making of planning not only your wedding day, but also your life together.

3. Be organised Write your list, and write it again. And then once more, just to be safe. Being organised will ensure you are not overwhelmed or stressed in the lead up to your wedding day. It will also help you delegate those less priority driven items on your list. One thing I love giving my clients is a little journal or vow booklets to support them in this. You then have a designated space to put everything wedding related!

4. Read the whole contract

In a C19 world, this is incredibly important. Although within NSW we have a plan and steps forward, you need to know and understand what you are signing. C19 isn’t the only reason a wedding can or may need to be postponed or changed and it is important you know what would be involved!

5. Involve your significant other

Your vision should be based on you and your partner’s shared values and priorities for your lives, and as an extension, your wedding day. This will aid you in finding the right photographer and vendors who align with who you are as a couple. In addition, by doing this together it will be a true representation of who you both are. Maybe your significant other wants a picnic with grazing platters for your guests, because as a couple that is a true reflection of who you are and what you enjoy doing together. Or maybe you have a passion for tea, or champagne fountains, and want to incorporate that into your day somehow.

Wedding days are a celebration of who you are! They are an opportunity to have the big party, or maybe the small intimate elopement with minimal fuss if that’s more your vibe. If you stick to these five tips I guarantee your day will be a day of minimal stress, reflect you as a couple and you won’t have any regrets!