Client Wardrobe

It is my intention for you to not only look amazing but also feel amazing for your session

My intention is to have dresses to accommodate all sizes and body types in addition to pregnancy and postpartum.

There is definitely something for everyone with most either flexible or one size fits all. 

You will look like a goddess! You will be able to go in the dirt, go in the water, and be stress free because I take care of the cleaning.
I have small a handful of kids’ items. I am working on a styling guide and have a number of blog posts to help you know how we bring it all together. I am always here to support you have the best experience! When you book your session with me you always know you will look & feel amazing.

The process is super simple...Choose from the gallery, I'll prepare, steam, and bring them for you.

Simply scroll through the gallery below and choose your favourites.

If you need additional help please let me know and I will gladly help you put it all together.